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Quality Forklift Training in Northampton

Forklift Training Northampton

The control system for forklift trucks is in many ways very simple, however when used by inexperienced workers they can be dangerous. For this reason, training is a legal requirement in the UK. We are a leading training provider based in Northampton and offer a Guaranteed Pass and Best Price. Please select a training course below for more details:


Counterbalance is the most widely used forklift truck in operation. Available in different ranges, the counterbalance forklift truck has become a synonym to those familiar with storage and warehouse industry.

Reach truck

Reach forklift trucks are a common type used in most industrial sectors. Available in specialist models, this forklift variety has helped in the utilisation of space, thus reducing cost for businesses everywhere.


HIAB forklifts are designed for those who use truck-mounted loader cranes. These can be very dangerous pieces of equipment if not used correctly, so it essential to take a HIAB forklift training course to obtain the licence.


Moffett invented the concept of the truck-mounted forklift more than 40 years ago; a load handling solution that has revolutionised the way materials are distributed across the globe.

Pivot forklift

Commonly known as Bendi, the pivot forklift has a unique design which allows the truck to stack full pallets in narrow aisles. This reduces costs and helps in maximising available storage space.

Telescopic forklift

This forklift truck is known as a telehandler for its ability to reach heights that common forklift types are unable to reach. Telescopic forklift operation requires specialist training and knowledge of safety laws.